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We provide small and medium businesses with the best technology services on the market. See what we can do for you.

Software Design

With more than a decade of experience in designing software, we know our way around a few millions of lines of code.


Designing, deploying, automating and securing your cloud and servers is what we do.


We are experts in process and productivity. They can give you a fish... We teach you how to fish.

About Us

OverrideLogic is a Canadian technology company founded in 2011 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

For more than a dozen years, we have been building software, engineering systems and managing teams. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best in its class technology services to small and medium businesses worldwide.

With innovation at the top of our values, we favor open technologies to closed ecosystems. This ensures our clients are not locked in to their vendors, while minimizing costs and maximizing communication.

We contributed, and will continue to contribute to the ever expanding Open Source community, in order to maintain our poisition as a leader in technology, year after year.


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Our clients

In more than a decade, we have helped businesses innovate and position themselves in their respective industries. Just a few examples of what we can do.
Match Group

Match Group

Software Architecture

Over the years, we helped design, incubated and delivered a dozen projects - ranging from mobile video applications to massive messaging platforms - for the prestigious #1 dating site in the world.



Process, UX, Software Design

AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing. Exciting technologies, but hard to get to the masses. Our company has provided the Lexalytics team with the means to monetize their great technology on the web.

TC Media

TC Media

Search Engines, Content Architecture

When you are one of the most established and productive media company in Canada, you need your customers to find the content they're looking for, and that's where our expertise in content & search comes in.

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